Kernersville Electric provides services for

Installation, Repair & Maintenance

from minor to major re-wiring

at prices that any budget can afford.




~New Construction        ~Replacing Old Outlets

~Ceiling Fans                 ~Electric Water Heater Repair

~Conduits                       ~Remodeling

~Fuses and Breakers     ~Receptacles

~Wiring                          ~Installation

~Lighting                        ~Maintenance

~Meters                           ~Repair

~Re-Wiring                      ~Switches

~Meter Base repairs        ~Repairing Lamps  


                   Plus Much More....       









Flood Light
Labeled Panel
Outside Light Post
Ceiling Fan
Receptacle With USB
Switches And Receptacles
Recessed Can Lights
Wiring Gas Fireplace And T.V.
Lamp Repair
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Flood Light